We have a limited amount of canine influenza vaccines in stock. The manufacturer is slowly starting to fill back orders and we will run out several more times before the inventory shortage is completely fixed. If your boarding facility requires the influenza vaccine and you are an established client, please call to schedule a booster. If your puppy has never had the vaccine but you are not boarding them, please give the manufacturer and us a few more months to get the inventory restocked before scheduling a booster vaccine appointment.

Internal Medicine

Our caring team of veterinarians applies the best practices and years of experience to diagnose pet ailments—both common and complicated—that can be treated through non-invasive measures.

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Internal Medicine to Treat ill or Injured Pets

Fairgrounds Animal Hospital provides internal medicine options for your pets. When it comes to your pet’s health problems, diagnostics play a significant role in early detection and treatment. From ultrasounds and X-rays to blood work, our professionals are well-equipped to diagnose and treat your dogs and cats with a number of techniques that can often keep less comfortable procedures at bay.

As always, your pet’s comfort and pain levels are an enormous priority for our health care professionals. We’re an honest veterinary practice. We are absolutely in the business of caring for pets with the best possible techniques, always looking for less intrusive and humane methods of diagnosing pet illnesses. At times, we also consult with other healthcare professionals in the region on matters of internal medicine.

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Internal medicine and diagnostics are major components of our doctors’ work at Fairgrounds.

Regularly scheduled visits for exams, vaccinations, and other preventive treatments can often give doctors a greater window of time and a greater number of options for treating illnesses.