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Our facility at Fairgrounds Animal Hospital is equipped with modern, high-quality technology that allows our skilled veterinarians to perform diagnostics on your pets safely and quickly.

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Digital X-ray, Ultrasound & Lab Diagnostics

There are a number of health conditions our modern digital X-rays regularly help us identify in pets. As some of the latest diagnostic technologies available to veterinarians, digital X-rays offer the most detailed, accurate, and clear imaging of a pet, ensuring safer diagnosis and treatment.

Every owner of a dog or cat with a broken bone should feel more secure knowing our digital X-rays are capable of accurately tracking the pet’s healing process.

In emergencies, digital X-rays are also incredibly easy to transmit online to other facilities for consultation purposes. Rest assured that our technology is some of the finest available, consistently providing accurate and complete diagnostics for your pet’s internal illnesses.

Cat Diagnosing with Vet

Our lab facility is able to conduct many common blood tests, as well as a number of other advanced lab exams, in-house. As pets age, having blood drawn annually is a smart choice—it’s an excellent way of ensuring that any serious illnesses are detected early on.

We take pride in our adeptness at quickly diagnosing your loved one’s health problems. Our staff offers same-day appointments for X-rays, ultrasounds, and lab diagnostics, especially in urgent care situations.

Our veterinarians are always looking for ways to ensure that you—and especially your pet—are comfortable every step of the way.