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New Patient Information Form

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 775-329-4106. We request that you be patient with our staff as we are working diligently to keep you and our team, as safe as possible when bringing your pet to us. Here are some temporary adjustments that you need to be aware of during your visit today. Our front doors will be locked please do not try coming in.

Please note: New clients should bring vaccination records with them or email prior to appointment to ensure we don’t have to give any unnecessary vax.

What to Expect
  • 1st Step – Call us when you arrive in the parking lot to check in 775-329-4106
  • 2nd Step – A staff member will call you when they are ready to see your pet and get a history over the phone. Then you will be advised to bring your pet to the front door to give to a staff member while you wait in in your car
  • 3rd Step – An exam will be performed by your pet’s doctor and the doctor will call you with the exam findings and treatment recommendations
  • 4th Step – A staff member will talk to you about the treatment plan and the estimated cost
  • 5th Step – When you accept the suggested plan, the tests will be performed. (You will either need to wait in your car or go home pending testing time). (IF you leave the parking lot we require further paperwork to be signed by you prior to you leaving your pet with us) “yes even for a minute”
  • 6th Step – When the doctor has the results, the doctor will call you and will go over the prognosis and treatment recommendations for your pets’ condition.
  • 7th Step – Prior to picking up your pet after treatment/surgery/hospitalization/etc. call and talk to a receptionist. You will need to check out before picking up your pet. A staff member will go over home care and medications with you at that time.