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In-House Veterinary Pharmacy

Fairgrounds Animal Hospital provides its clients with access to an in-house veterinary pharmacy that stocks a wide range of medications.

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Trusted, Quick, and Convenient Medications

You won’t have to worry about waiting for your animal’s medication to be ready at some distant location. Odds are, we have whatever your pet needs right in our own pharmacy at competitive prices.

Having an on-site pharmacy is an important feature of our health care services. It enables patients and their families to get the fastest possible treatment without concerns about long waits for medications.

While there are many online resources for pet medications, it is always better to order medications from the trusted hands of our veterinarians. We love being able to answer any questions you might have about the medications we prescribed your pet.

Also, ordering medications from our pharmacy ensures your pet can begin medical treatments immediately to begin recovery from any illnesses as soon as possible.

Cat with Vet

As pets age, they may require more medications, and many of our patients enjoy the convenience of having the prescriber of their medications in the same place as the prescription.

Our expert doctors offer patients the best care possible, and we always make sure that our consultations thoroughly cover instructions for medications. Your level of comfort in participating in your pet’s care is extremely important to us.